Jaden Campbell-Smith


The SE Football Academy

Jaden joined the SE Football Academy in 2016, following a successful set of GCSE results at his Secondary School – Harberdashers’ ASKE’S Knights Academy. He had spent large periods of his younger years in and out of professional football Academy setups including Arsenal FC.  Although pursuing his football dream was and still is important, Jaden knew that a stable Plan B was required.

I remember seeing Jadens GCSE results and thinking how impressive they were. He could have accessed Further Education anywhere he liked, but had joined our Academy because of his strong want to become a professional footballer. When you inherit a student like Jaden, it is important that the work you do with them doesn’t emphasise or include the possibility of professional football, except for linking relevant study units to his game to enable improved performance. In the tutorials I have had with Jaden, we have rarely discussed his football. That is down to the coaches. Jaden has progressed so well in Year 1, we have enrolled him onto our Psychology A/S Level course that he will complete alongside his Sports Diploma in Year 2. Whatever happens with his football, he will have a strong academic package to fall back on when he finishes in July 2018.

Stuart Lenton, Head of Academy, The SE Football Academy.

Jaden is currently due to go on trial with Colchester United FC as well as starting his UCAS or employment pathways in September. Watch this space